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  • MULTI-MILLIONAIRE insights from authors making BIG money daily.
  • ​And, how a book helped one author ATTRACT CELEBRITY
  • ​CLIENTS like Sir Richard BRANSON, Tony ROBBINS & Mike TYSON...
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Hi, I’m Trevor Crane and it took me over 20-years to publish my first book.

I'm not proud of it. But there it is.

My first book mentor didn't write his first book until he was going through chemo therapy from a bought with cancer that he was afraid he'd never recover from.

Thinking about the wife and son that he would leave behind, one of his biggest regrets was that he hadn't written a book.

Determined to make the best of time he had left, he used the 1-hour a day that he wasn't vomiting into a bucket, or watching his hair fall out, to dictate his first book into his iPhone.

That transcript turned into a #1 bestseller. Then he turned it into a 7-figure business. Then he did it again. And again. And again.

After his recovery, he told me his story. My excuses seemed pretty small.

With this book, I want to help you to get paid. 
12-Time Bestselling Author
Founder of Epic Author Publishing™
What People Are Saying
Yes, you CAN make BIG money with your book 
...without selling a single copy of it.
You see, I love helping people write, publish and build businesses beyond their books. 

Want to know something else?  It’s much easier than you think. 
If there is anything that keeps me up at night, it would be that. Helping people like you turn their books into bragging rights.
  I love seeing people succeed!
  I enjoy watching them leverage themselves as successful writers, authors, and bestsellers!
  And I’m passionate about helping them make a GREAT living in the process. 
If you’re asking yourself, what do you have to lose? 

Please let me correct you... it’s: “What do you have to GAIN,” my friend.

The answer? 

What you will "gain" is the knowledge, resources, and systems to help you bring your dreams to reality

That and more are ALL laid out perfectly in my latest book... 
I assure you, this type of success isn’t a matter of if,” 
And the "will" doesn’t belong to me – It belongs to you.

Here's the question:
Are willing to what it takes?
Are you willing to stop making excuses?
Are you willing to swallow your pride and get some help?
  • Proven strategies to cash-in on your book…. right away!
  • How to build authority and expert status with a book.
  • Money Math Tips to scale your revenue and grow your brand… fast.
  • ​Costly pitfalls to avoid that most people don’t know about until it’s too late.
  • ​The ONE thing that stops an author’s success, and what you can do about it!
  • Multi-Millionaire insights from authors making BIG MONEY every day. 
  • ​BONUSES to help you implement what you learn in the book, and more…
Want To Know What Else You’ll Learn?
This book will teach you the exact principles that people like you are using to make money with their book to expand their impact and to change the world.
You have two choices: 
  • You can do it the hard way
  • Or you can do it the easy way
The easy way is to learn the shortcuts and to get some help.
Now, I tried going at it alone and it took me
20 years to publish my first book!
First, I struggled to get started

Then I struggled to finish writing my book—which I procrastinated on decades. 

Often it felt like I’d wasted my time writing the wrong book. 

Then I stopped trying. 

Then I felt bad about myself for giving up. 

Then I tried again

But without a marketing plan, or system behind my book, I was frustrated and confused.

Then, I tried the easy way. I got a mentor. I followed a system. I got some help.

I am offering you help.
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  • How to turn your book into your most powerful marketing tool, skip the learning curve and STOP wasting time and energy.
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Trevor Crane
12-Time Bestselling Author
Founder of Epic Author Publishing
P.S. Remember, in this book you’ll learn how to make big money with your book ...without selling a single copy. 

I believe you've got what it takes to do the same.

Final Note: Yes, this is about money. But it’s also about your mission and what matters to you most. This is about freedom …your personal freedom.

But: It's also about you stepping-up and making a difference.
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