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Bestseller Big Business - LIVE is an advanced Book & Business training and coaching program with Trevor Crane, the world's leading mentor to help you: Write, Market, and Monetize your next #1 Bestseller.

The goal of the program is to help you master the art of writing the RIGHT book, for your PERFECT audience, and become a #1 Bestselling Author. 

Learn how to turn your book as your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

This will help you make a bigger difference, create more success, and have more impact

Take your life and business to the next level, with this incredible life-changing program.

Trevor Crane, your trainer, has mastered the formula that helps entrepreneurs become authors, and turn their book into the #1 marketing tool for their business. 

In any niche. 

And now he and his BBB Publishing Team will be coaching YOU live!

When you register for Bestseller Big Business LIVE, you receive the same training and tools Trevor gives his elite-level clients. This includes every-day people in transition who are striving for a better business model, to already recognized authors, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs with a message, and Fortune 50 CEOs who want to share their story. 

As part of this growing program, you'll receive:

4-Weeks Of Mastery-Level Online Training. You'll learn advanced strategies to write your book - fast. You can take the training at your own pace, and you have access to it for LIFE. Each week's training has video modules and downloads to help you get your book finished in just 30 days, before you even get to the event!  ($5,000 Value)

 Trevor's Private Client "Million Dollar Book Funnel." This is a copy-and-paste template you can use to launch your book to create massive attention and instantly build credibility in your field. He only gives this to $50k consulting clients, but for the first time, he's giving it away as a bonus to sign ups TODAY. (Priceless)

 12 months of LIVE monthly group coaching from Trevor. He's never offered this to any group or client, ever. But he's dedicated to working with this new class every single month LIVE via interactive calls and webcasts. (Never before offered to the public. $5,000 Value)

 Personal "Book & Business Strategy Session" with Trevor. As soon as you register, you'll get to schedule an hour long session with Trevor to hammer out the details of your book and your business. After the call, you'll have a game plan and timeline for your marketing. ($5,000 Value)

 2 Tuition-Waivers To Attend A LIVE Advanced Sales Mastery Event. There are two live seminars per year and you get to choose which you want to attend. Our next event is during April in New York City. If you choose to attend, you'll register separately and only pay a one-time $97 materials fee for you and your guest.

 Year-long access to Trevor's private online community for this class, wherein you can ask Trevor any questions and connect with fellow BBB Authors and Entrepreneurs for the entire year. (PRICELESS).

 VIP Attendees Will Receive: Personal Book & Business Hotseats, Coaching & Consulting, throughout the program. Trevor and the BBB Publishing team will work with you personally, during the event on your book and your business. The team will help you make improvements to what you're already doing, and give you a MAP to help you take your business to the next level. (PRICELESS).

 VIP Attendees Will Receive: Access to a private reception for VIP Guests, Private Clients, and BBB Mentoring group only. For mastermind and networking. (PRICELESS).

BBB Live has a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it's not the best personal and Book & Business professional program you've ever been to, ask for your money back and receive a complete no hassle refund.

Offer Expires: This special offer closes for registration on Friday at midnight.

Get Your Ticket Today!
General Admission ($1497)
VIP Admission ($4997)