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Dear friend,

Every single day I speak with authors who confide in me that they... wrote the wrong book.

Or they don't know how to MARKET their book. very few people ever get to read their book.

And they're confused how to Profit with their book.

This book will help you solve those problems.

It will show you how to write the right book, in 90-days or less, and how to turn it into your MOST POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL.

How do I know this is possible?

I'm not proud to admit it, but it took me over 20 years to write and publish my first book. Then, once I figured this out, my wife and I significantly increased our lifestyle ==> within 12-months of publishing my 1st book!

Here's what I discovered:

*Becoming an author is the most powerful thing you can do for your business, your brand, and your legacy.

It would be my honor to help you SHARE YOUR MESSAGE with the world.

Trevor Crane, 12-Time Bestselling Author

Founder of Epic Author Publishing™

Writing A Book Is
The Most POWERFUL Marketing Way To
Build Your BRAND, Your BUSINESS & Your LEGACY.
Do it FASTER and EASIER than you ever thought possible. 
In 90 days or less!
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Blank Page to Bestseller in 90-Days or Less.
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"Make this the year you finally write your book!"
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Your time is running out.
How many people are going to show up at your funeral?...
What will people say and remember about you?

What's your LEGACY going to be?

It's easy to think of your legacy as a "cute concept."
Possibly it sits in the background of your mind and is something you'll get around to when you're close to your DEATHBED.

(But by that time, it's too late.)
Recently a friend (and a previous client) of mine took his own life

He'd wanted to share his message with the people he cared about most...

 ==> His wife.
 ==> His kids.
 ==> And, his father

But, they'll never read his book.


You have a RESPONSIBILITY to share it with the world.
There are people out there who need your help.
Believe me... there’s nothing worse than spending (wasting) countless hours of the time, and energy and money and frustration on the WRONG BOOK. 

And it's DANGEROUS to your business, your brand and your reputation, to become a published author, with a book that sucks.

Or with marketing that sucks. Or having a book that doesn't help you MEET YOUR MISSION.

What if you did all that work, only to discover that you wrote the wrong book. What if you do all that work, and it doesn’t help you advance your mission? Or, your vision? Or, help you promote yourself, your brand, or your business?

Well, this book is going to help you make sure you don’t make those mistakes.

When you write the WRONG book, you WASTE your time and energy, and ultimately you sabotage the success a book can create for you, and the impact it can have on others.
Done correctly, becoming a published author can build a LEGACY that transcends time.
At the same time, it can build your personal brand, it creates powerful lead-generation 'magnets’ that you can use in your marketing, it helps you attract the action of the media, it can give you FREE publicity, it can promote your cause or mission, or philosophy. 

You can use a book fame, fortune, or fulfillment…

It's proven. A book is the most powerful action you can take! 

With The Right Book,
You Will Gain Instant...

AUTHORITY, CREDIBILITY, and TRUST with your ideal audience who then begin to DESIRE you, and your PRODUCTS and SERVICES.
With The Right Book, You Will:
  • Position yourself and your brand as an AUTHORITY in your marketplace
  • Gain INSTANT credibility with your audience
  • Get more qualified LEADS, consistently
  • ​Build a strong DESIRE to work with you
  • ​Increase your CLOSING ratio, even after INCREASING your fees
  • ​PROMOTE your cause or mission in the world!
By the end of this book, you will have the clarity to know what to do first,
what to do next, what to do last, and exactly how to get your book done fast.  
You’ll know how to write the RIGHT book, (one that you’re proud of) 
and you’ll have confidence, knowing how you will use it to GROW your business. 
Your book can do AMAZING things for you...
It's not about working on a book. 
It's about having a book THAT WORKS FOR YOU.
Writing A Book Can Set You Free.
Proof This Will Work For You…

Lisa Chastain

Yes, Trevor helped me become a #1 Bestselling Author. But it was so much more than that... 

Mark Purnell

Trevor has been an invaluable helping me finish my book, become a bestseller, and negotiate some of the biggest consulting deals I've ever offered.

Dr. Mimi Secor

With Trevor's help, my book hit #1 and added HUNDREDS of new clients. And I've added 5 new people to a brand new high ticket program he helped me create. Thank you!
Some Of My #1 Bestselling Author Clients...
As I said earlier… 
It's not a matter of "if" you can do it. 
I believe the real question is "when" will you do it.
I've helped countless people, tell their story, share their message, and craft POWERFUL marketing and monetization strategies beyond their books to BIG earnings. And make  BIG difference.

People just like you. Let me repeat that…

Phenomenal people (just like you) have found their voice, shared their message and became bestselling authors - all at the same time. With plenty of time leftover to enjoy their new lifestyle.

You’ll read about many of them in this book. Who knows… Your name could soon be on this list. 

But first, you have to get your copy!
Now, you might be wondering "who" I am...
and what "qualifies" me to write this book.
I was born the son of a horseshoer. 

Growing up, in Phoenix, AZ, my family struggled to put food on the table, and pay the bills. 

My biggest fear was that I'd never amount to anything.

After many ups and downs, and hard work, I achieved what I thought was "SUCCESS" because I was making "millions of dollars..."

Then, in 2009, my greatest fears came true, I lost everything and filed a $2.2 Million Dollar Bankruptcy.

The humiliation was the most painful thing I've ever had to go through. 

And while I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, this was one of the greatest gifts of my life. 

(If you hang-out with me long enough, or read one of my books, you’ll find out why I think that.) 

It’s not where we start in life, that matters. It's not our failures or even our successes define us.

Eventually, I got back up again. And as I was building my life back, I felt pulled to finally "write my book," and share my story. To use it, and the challenges I'd gone through to make a difference.


I finally got serious. And I decided to get some help. So, I hired a mentor. 

With his guidance. My wife and I both published books that became #1 bestsellers in under 24 hours. That felt great. 

But what felt better than that, we used our books to help us 10X our lifestyle.

But what felt better than that, was that we didn't have to work as hard. We didn't have to try to CONVINCE people to buy from us. We raised our fees, but we did so because we were adding more value to peoples lives.

You see... Our books turned into our most POWERFUL marketing tools.

Our books built TRUST with our IDEAL AUDIENCE and it created a DESIRE for them to want to work with his. No more "selling" and "convincing."

Instead, we were in SERVICE. Every single day.

In short …

I believe we are all put on this earth to make a difference. And, every day I go out and do my best to do just that. Your book, the RIGHT BOOK, can help you do that.

And in my book, you’ll learn how YOU can use this method to create a substantial income BEHIND and BEYOND your book without the hassles of traditional publishing. 

And you can get it done FAST.

Add a ZERO to the number of people you helped  last year, and tell me... Do you like that number?

But what felt better than that, was that we didn't have to work as hard. We didn't have to try to CONVINCE people to buy from us. We raised our fees, but we did so because we were adding more value to peoples lives.

You see... Our books turned into our most POWERFUL marketing tools.

Our books built TRUST with our IDEAL AUDIENCE and it created a DESIRE for them to want to work with his. No more "selling" and "convincing."

Instead, we were in SERVICE. Every single day.

In short …

I believe we are all put on this earth to make a difference. And, every day I go out and do my best to do just that. Your book, the RIGHT BOOK, can help you do that.

And in my book, you’ll learn how YOU can use this method to create a substantial income BEHIND and BEYOND your book without the hassles of traditional publishing. 

And you can get it done FAST.
This Book Will Show You…
  • The PROVEN path to becoming a published author FAST
  • WHY a book is your most powerful marketing tool
  • WHAT your book should be about so you can build authority and expert status
  • HOW to strategically “plan” your book, so it you can write it EASILY & QUICKLY
  • SECRETS to getting your book “done” in 90 days or less without writing a word yourself
  • HOW to Use Your Book To... Gain More Clients and Turn a Profit BEFORE You Even Write It!
Here’s What’s Inside The Book ...
This isn’t a thin eBook or glorified pamphlet. 
It’ no-fluff content and real-world GET-IT-DONE knowledge, including:
  • How Steve Napolitan got his book written in less than 24 hours, and how he used it to help him build a Very Successful business ... Page 11
  • We debunk the MYTH that you "have to be a great writer to be an author" and how in fact, how the OPPOSITE is often true... Page 15
  • How a Holocost Survivor sold more than 10 million copies in 24 languages, ranked one of the 10 most influential books in America, and turned his PAIN into PURPOSE and into PROFIT ... Page 33
  • What to do to capture your WHY and to discover your PURPOSE behind your book so you GET-IT-DONE ... Page 36
  • How Pat Petrini got his book done in less than 3-months and earns consistent monthly revenue of (at the time we published this book) just from her  book royalties from Amazon alone ... Page 39
  • A Step-By-Step “Blueprint” to recruit a TEAM of people who will help you win and PUBLISH a great book in record time ... Page 49
  • The EXACT marketing strategy, that you can use TODAY, (before your book is written) that Lisa Chastain used to clos her first 3 clients, from 2-FREE Facebook posts. (And she started from NOTHING.) ... Page 56
  • How Bronkar Lee wrote his #1 Bestseller in 6-weeks and booked a talk-show and speaking gigs around the world and pre-sold 250 copies BEFORE he'd written ONE WORD of his book … Page 59
  • How Robyn Crane (my wife) used her first book and a "free" talk, in front of 50 people at a networking event to close over 7 new customers. And she didn't even have her book in her hand! ... Page 63
  • EXACTLY what What-To-Do (and what to say) to start POWERFUL book-marketing within the next 24-hours that can help you duplicate some of the results we've been talking about ... Page 64
  • The ONE THING you need to create an effective plan to get your book done, and is HOLDING YOU BACK or STOPPING you right-now ... Page 73
  • A 90-Day Step-By-Step Action Plan for writing your first (or next) BESTSELLER in 90-days or less... Page 76
  • 4-Key Questions that will UNLOCK and help you ANSWER the question: "What is the RIGHT book is for you to write." ... Page 79
  • How Jess Todtfeld became a #1 bestselling author and up-sold over a DOZEN people into a new online course... within 24-hours... Page 87
  • The MISTAKE Al Gore (yes, the previous Vice President of the United States and the creator of the internet) made that pissed me off. (Learn this so you don't screw-this-up as well.) ... Page 90
  • How Jeffery Slayter, bestselling author of Raise Your Rates, is using his book to impact and transform millions of lives around the world... Page 96
  • How to use STORIES to motivate people to take ACTION and effectively structure your TITLE, SUBTITLE and COVER so it effectively communicates your promise and passion with the world... Page 99
  • How to BRAINSTORM the title of your book and how to make sure it's MARKETABLE so that people know what your book is about... Page 104
  • How to HACK Amazon and New York Times #1 bestseller book covers to create an AWESOME COVER for your book... Page 109
  • Learn the exact SECTIONS to use to organize the content inside your book, to help the reader understand and take action with your message... Page 117
  • How to write a badass AUTHOR BIO... Page 122
  • How to map out your Table Of Contents so it's like a TREASURE MAP that leads people on a journey that ultimately takes them where they want to go... Page 126
  • How to "bake" MARKETING into your book, that turns it into BAIT to ATTRACT & CONVERT your ideal clients, starting with your BOOK COVER... Page 131
  • How Eric Thomas used FREE content to grow millions of followers and change the world... Page 137
  • A simple strategy we borrow from Mr. Steve Jobs, that will help you get your book done ON-TIME... Page 145
  • A 3-step process to capture your ideas quickly, and get the first draft of your book done - faster than you would have thought possible.... Page 153
  • Discover the TECHNOLOGY you should use to transcribe your spoken-word into YOUR AWESOME BOOK.... Page 163
  • How to build your OUTSOURCE and build your "Publishing Team," so you don't have to write your book ALONE... >>>WARNING<<< If you try to do this WITHOUT HELP, you'll most likely write a CRAPPY BOOK... Page 173
  • The benefits of Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing, and how you should choose which is best for you... Page 183
  • Step-by-Step, how to use a PRE-LAUNCH to become a #1 bestseller and share your message with the world... Page 193
  • How Terrie Matz gained 30 new clients within 60-days of her PRE-LAUNCH and became a #1 bestselling author... Page 198
  • The 7-Phases Of Your EPIC Book Launch, that you can use to turn your book into your MOST POWERFUL MARKETING tool, for the next 18-24 months... Page 205
  • You can model the exact FREE + SHIPPING book funnel that sold thousands of books ... Page 213
  • How audiobooks can help you make MORE than just plain-jane paperbacks and ebooks... Page 216
  • How to use a BOOK LAUNCH team to Publish, Promote and PROFIT from your new book. Page 221
  • "What to say," to recruit your own book launch team... Page 228
  • Discover a comprehensive list of WHAT TO SELL beyond your book, that can help you Build Your Ideal Business, so you can Live Your Ideal Life... Page 237
  • Learn the "Show Me The Money" Math that you can use to build a healthy business... Page 238
  • How to get me to write the FORWARD for your book... Page 245
  • PLUS: Simple ACTION STEPS at the end of every chapter, to make sure you can IMPLEMENT what you learn throughout the book...

  PLUS... much, much more...

The Secrets To Our Step-By-Step Process,
And How You Can Turn Your Book
Into Your Most POWERFUL Marketing Tool.
And you'll learn...
  • The ART and SCIENCE of Great Storytelling
  • The difference between good storytelling and Great Storytelling
  • How to use storytelling to create a More Powerful Brand
  • The Top 7 Storytelling Techniques Used By The Most Inspiring TED Presenters
  • PLUS: 3 Simple Steps tell a story that MOTIVATES and INSPIRES people to take action
Your copy of How To Write The
Right Book is FREE.
Get the Audio Training, the entire book in a Digital Download, plus The Power Of Storytelling Training.

All I ask is that you cover a small shipping & handling fee of $7.95.

Considering that you can save months of time in just ONE lesson, in one chapter… this is a STEAL.

There’s just one catch …

I may decide to start charging for this book at any time. So act now to get this for FREE while you still can.

Click the button now and fill out your info to get your copy rushed to you.
When you write the right book, you gain INSTANT:
Be great,
-Trevor Crane
12X Bestselling Author
Founder of Epic Author Publishing
Final Thing:

Yes, this is about you becoming an AUTHOR. It's also about your LEGACY. And, I like to always focus on the upside of the MARKETING you can leverage to help you Earn More...

But it’s also about FREEDOM. 

Your personal freedom.

*I hope to meet you soon in person.

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You’ll discover how to WRITE THE RIGHT BOOK and turn your book into your MOST POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL … but you have to take the first step. 

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